About this Website

The idea of this website is to make your name easy to pronounce. The dictionary does not have your name, how do you get people to pronounce your name right?

How many times have you been in this situation when you have heard your name mangled, twisted, contorted into something you yourself can barely comprehend?

In today's international business environment, it is exceedingly important to say your clients name correctly, you CANNOT afford to call Dumass, a Dumb-ass. The internet has removed international boundaries and people are making new friends via email and chat every second, would you not want your friends to be able to pronounce your name correctly?

Please help by contributing your name and helping others in getting the correct pronunciation.

The purpose of this website is 3-fold:

  • Lookup pronunciation of a name.
  • Submit pronuncation of a name so that others can pronounce it correctly.
  • Request pronunciation of a name that you don't know and would like to find out.